Construction Defects
We can help protect your investment.

The construction industry plays a vital role in any economy, especially those as rapidly growing as the Myrtle Beach and Pee Dee areas. The Stanley Law Firm has extensive experience with complex construction defect cases related to commercial and multi-family structures. We have successfully represented homeowner associations, businesses and individual homeowners.

Our firm has handled a wide range of construction defect related cases with multi-million dollar settlements for our clients. Common construction defects result in water intrusion around doors, windows and ceilings, cracks from structural weakness, improperly installed plumbing and faulty wiring.  Correcting these issues can and often do involve exorbitant sums of money, time, and in the event of a rental property can involve lost revenue. The burden and expenses required to correct the cause of the problem should be the responsibility of the builder, subcontractors, insurance companies and sometimes even the manufacturer of building materials or equipment used during construction.

At the Stanley Law Firm, we'll assess the details of your situation and if necessary, bring in proven experts in their field to help determine whether there has been negligence on behalf of the builder and/or subcontractors in the construction of your investment.